(Authors are not published in order to protect them from potential fans and stalkers, hmmp!unahan niyo pa ako sumikat!)
(Side comments are exerpted from the recorded dialogues of our panel of judges)

On Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day
In every February 14
We are commemorating (Rowling: at talagang commemorating, ano yan death anniversary?)
Saint Valentine.

It’s Valentine’s Day
It’s a wonderful day ( Coelho: Wow, rhyming words pero same words pa rin...
(Brown: Leche!
To make “I Love You”
Easy to say.

It’s Valentine’s Day
It’s a special day
Just though you’d like to know by the way
This is the day when everyone
Tries to win someone hearts.

On this day, I feel it’s like
An ordinary day
I went to school to attend classes
Many roses I saw when I ride jeepney’s (Rowling: Wow, pwede pa lang tumubo ang mga roses sa loob ng jeepney...)
How blessed people to receive like this.(Coelho: At talagang blessed, may divine intervention?)

Valentine’s have so many symbols
Cupid with bow and arrows. (Coelho: Morbid ito, gusto ng cupid na may nakatarak na bows and arrows)
Chocolates, flowers and cards too…

I dreamed that I could receive
Those things too…
How I wish to come fast (Brown: Ay Bastos!)
(Coelho: Oo nga!)
Next February time. (3 judges: Ah! 'Yun naman pala...)


True essence of Valentine’s is unity (Rowling: Isa pa 'yo, bastos din!)
(Coelho: Bwahaha, parang when two become one...makes sense!)
For it is one way to share commons
Common love, common outlook for a relationships
Its a way of making everyone’s life interesting.

Real love is colorful
Full of spices in order to taste it (Brown: parang adobo lang!)
Struggles, circumstances, disappointments presence (Rowling: Non sense...)
Makes relationships test its loyalty

A wonderful love best express through trials
For it is a way for us to prove solidity (Coelho: so merong liquidity and gasity?)
Its nice to hear that love can move mountains
It seems that how powerful is.

True Essence of Valentines

A perfect Valentines not just see
True Valentines feel and express
Its like raindrops that fall to land (Brown: Pwede itong catchline ng next movie na idederek ko entitled "Diligan mo ng hamog ang tuyong lupa")
Makes everyone in love and be love.

Valentines day is not for lovers only
It’s a celebration for everyone
A day to emphasize and share a love
For the world to be peace and unity (Rowling: pahingi nga ng sampung banig ng paracetamol...)
(Coelho: ako din, mga bente...)

Valentines is an occasion for us to share
Its a day to forget and forgive disappointments
A way to refresh dying relationships (Brown: parang windows lang, na-rerefresh...)
For a family and loved ones alliances (Rowling: Bongga!parang NATO,ASEAN, o UN lang...)

Christmas day is not the only way to forgive
But Valentines day will do, to do it so (Coelho: Nagkando-do-do na...)
Rather to feel hatred and regrets
Lets share the everlasting love we have.

Oh! Its Valentine’s day again (Brown: Ohhh! Wala lang hehehe...)
Some is happy, some is lonely
Finding for true love is not easy
Don’t know who is your destiny

Valentines is not only for lover’s
It is also friendship and family
Don’t find for love, it’s come by its own (Coelho: Ano daw, nakakabobo naman. napaka-standard mag-English!)
Give your smile to everyone, but give your’s heart to only one.

Not all love’s story, have a happy ending
Some is realy realy hurt’s (Rowling: Kaya nga, nakaka-offense pa...)
My Valentines day is lonely
Loveless, but happy. (Coelho: may Schizophrenia 'to, lonely daw pero happy...)

White Valentines

I wake up in the morning
And start my day with a smile
Remembering the Valentines day.
Although I have no partner now.

I can say that I’m happy as a single,
Enjoy being a bachelor, day and night, (Brown: Nakks!)
Having fun with other who also single,
Doing something that married cannot.

I have my friends who are laughing with me.
I have cousin’s who are helping all the time. (Brown: Ay, bossy 'to)
There are my sisters who always love me,
Of course my parents who love me in my worst.

That’s why my Valentine’s day is still happy,
Happy because they love and not because she love me
But time will come she can love me
Not only in Valentine’s day, only in the right time (Rowling: oha,oha!)

I choose white for a purity of my soul
I choose white for a plane lovelife (Coelho: Buti ka pa, two dimensions ang lovelife mo...)
I choose for a loveless but not dark day
I’m white inside although not outside. (3 judges: Bwahahahaha...Sakit sa ulo!)

My Valentines Day

Oh! It’s a wonderful day
A beautiful morning for everyone
Coz the time already come
For us to show what’s in our heart. (Brown: heto, mala variety show host ang dating...)

As I pass on my way home
I can’t help to glance,
At the lovely flowers outside,
Smell the sweet fragrance of it. (Coelho: Parang si Maria la del Barrio lang ah...)

I gently close my eyes
And memories easily flashback
Reminiscing the past happening
That brought joy in my heart.

How can I forget his smile?
So precious and powerful (Brown: Ano yun bad breath?)
That I’m going to melt
If I get the flowers in his hand.

I slowly open my eyes
Realizing that its over
Because the truth is that,
No more flowers, no more love notes.

Now it’s like an ordinary day
Nothing unusual happened in my life
For past is already past
You can’t recur it any more…


I am so in love
In love with joy
In love with happiness
In love with anger
In love with frustration
In love with tears
In love with Me.

I love
Love is fruitful
Love is kind
Love is Motivating
Love is Comforting
Love is love.

I hate love
Love is painful
Love is heartbreaking
Love is deadly
Love is poisonous
Love is Evil
Stop it

Love is like what I don’t know
All I know is Love is
And I love love
I love Me and You.

Judges: J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown, Paolo Coelho
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